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  • Note about American Board of Internal Medicine Certifications that had 12/31/2020 or 12/31/2021 expiration dates;
    • Due to the disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic, the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) extended all certifications that were originally valid through either 12/31/2020 or 12/31/2021 until:
      • 12/31/2023 for Critical Care Medicine, Hospital Medicine, Infectious Disease and Pulmonary Disease
      • 12/31/2022 for all other ABIM certification areas (records now reflect reverification date of 04/01/2024)
    • As a result, ABIM certifications with end dates that are listed as either 12/31/2020 or 12/31/2021 were previously valid through 12/31/2022 or are valid through 12/31/2023 (depending on the certification area, as listed above).