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  • Due to database changes made on 06/29/2016, you will receive alerts for all the physicians included in your “My Physicians Alert” list(s).
    • If your My Physician Alerts frequency is set to daily, please ignore this list.
    • If your My Physician Alerts frequency is set to monthly or weekly, you can disregard any records that have 06/29/2016 in the Last Biographical Change column.

  • NOW SEARCH WITH NPI NUMBER AND ACTIVE STATE LICENSURE! Under the PHYSICIAN ADVANCED SEARCH tab you’ll find individual search windows to enter both of these data points to increase your matching results.

  • NEW MAINTENANCE OF CERTIFICATION (MOC) REPORTING LANGUAGE EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 15, 2015: A physician’s MOC program status will now be reported as to whether or not a physician is participating in MOC. This replaces the current language that states whether or not a physician is meeting MOC requirements. The new language is a result of feedback from a combination of MOC stakeholders including physicians, specialty societies, and ABMS’ own qualitative research into how to achieve greater transparency and clarity within the MOC program and its descriptions. You will begin to see this reflected in Certifacts Online profiles beginning October 15, 2015.

  • Some ABMS Member Boards have implemented certification standards which specify that board certification is contingent upon meeting the ongoing requirements of Maintenance of Certification (MOC). Accordingly, these Member Boards no longer issue certificates with specific end dates to certification. Annual primary source verification on or immediately after the reverification date is necessary to accurately determine a diplomate's current certification status.