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  • Effective January 1, 2015, the American Board of Internal Medicine has initiated a grace period of one (1) year for their physicians who have completed their MOC requirements but have not yet passed their MOC exam (a total of 1,038 as of 3/9/2015). In these instances, ABIM is considering the physician to be certified during this grace period EVEN IF THEY HOLD A TIME-LIMITED CERTIFICATE. For those physicians who currently hold time-limited certification and fall into this category, credentialiers should make a note to reverify these physicians on or after the April 1, 2016 reverification date.
  • American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Credentialing Update:
    • In February 2015, ABIM introduced changes to its Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program and its certification status reporting processes which could affect your credentialing procedures. These changes are an extension of ABIM's Board of Directors decision in January 2014, to no longer issue certificates with end dates because of the continuous activities it now requires for physicians to maintain their certification.
    • ABIM encourages all credentialers and medical staff professionals to utilize its new annual re-verification date of April 1 to obtain the most accurate information about an ABIM diplomate’s current certification status. For those physicians certified prior to January 2014, the ABMS Certification Profile will continue to display their certification date. The profile will be updated to an MOC certificate when the physician's current certificate expires.
    • ABIM created a Credentialer’s page on its website at http://www.abim.org/credentialers/ You also may contact ABMS Solutions at 800-733-2267 with any questions.

  • Some ABMS Member Boards have implemented certification standards which specify that board certification is contingent upon meeting the ongoing requirements of Maintenance of Certification (MOC). Accordingly, these Member Boards no longer issue certificates with specific end dates to certification. Annual primary source verification on or immediately after the reverification date is necessary to accurately determine a diplomate's current certification status.